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OneSteel Recycling

OneSteel Recycling is a wholly owned division of OneSteel Limited. Formed in 2001 from the merger of Smorgon Metal Recycling and Metalcorp Limited, the business traded as Metalcorp Recyclers.

In the 2007 financial year the Recycling Division handled in excess of 1.2 million tonnes of ferrous scrap, and had sales of A$360 million. The Recycling Division employs over 550 people throughout Australia. The Company has assembled a dynamic and aggressive management team with years of experience in the recycling industry.

OneSteel Recycling operates from 39 locations spread throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, China and India supplying processed quality ferrous and non ferrous recycled metal to Australian steel mills, the foundry industry, domestic copper, brass, lead and aluminium industries and is a significant exporter of ferrous and non ferrous recycled raw materials to the Asian countries.

OneSteel Recycling sources, collects, transports, processes and markets scrap metal collected from industrial clients in the cities and coal, iron ore, copper and gold mines in far flung reaches of the continent.

OneSteel Recycling also services sugar mills, chemical plants, power stations, waste transfer stations, railway workshops and demolition sites spread the length and breadth of Australia. A significant number of family owned scrap metal recyclers completes the supply network.

A large fleet of purpose built bulk transporter and self load bin trucks, and mobile baling and car compacting equipment ensures large volumes are maintained to feed the Company's five huge shredders, four static shears, fifteen mobile shears, and a range of balers and ancillary equipment.

Our typical shredder installations represent world's best practice with computer controlled power saving drive control and unique Eddy Current Separation systems to maximize the metallic yield. A clean environment is maintained by passing all the air from the Cyclone separation systems through self-cleaning air filter baghouses. Sites are completely hard surfaced with concrete with all drainage water being collected, passed through filtration systems and reused in the process.

A fleet of specially designed long reach hydraulic excavators equipped with efficient material handling attachments are employed throughout the Group to increase productivity.

Quality assurance throughout the Group is achieved by OneSteel Recycling adherence to ISO 9001:2008.

Under the control of a Group Safety Manager, safety is maintained by continually upgrading Safe Operating Procedures and benchmarking within OneSteel Recycling and with similar industries.

Environmental best practice is achieved and managed by Divisional management through systems based on the international ISO 14000 standard controlled by a Group Environment Manager.

OneSteel Recycling is committed to supply quality products to Australian and world markets.


Site Clean Ups

When required oxy scrap cutters work in conjunction with the excavators on site cleanups. OneSteel Recycling has teams of workers that look after work outside of our main yards. This includes the scraping and removal of redundant plant and equipment. We also have a team capable and licensed in NSW to do small industrial demolition jobs.

Site Cleanups with Hiab Mounted Trucks

OneSteel Recycling provides site cleanups with Hiab mounted trucks. If required an oxy scrap cutter is provided to process the scrap to truck size so it can be transported back to a Smorgon Steel Recycling scrap yard.

Site Clean Ups with Excavators

OneSteel Recycling provides mobile hydraulic excavators fitted with shears, magnets or grabs for large site cleanups. These excavators will then process and load a fleet of semi- tippers (purpose built) and deliver the scrap back to a OneSteel Recycling site for further processing.

Semi Tippers

OneSteel Recycling have a large fleet of purpose built semi-tippers that service demolition sites, council tips and general site clean-ups. These tippers range in size from 60m3 to 80m3 and are by far the safest and most efficient way of transporting any type of scrap metal.

Scrap Buying

OneSteel Recycling have buying facilities conveniently located around Australia. These sites are used for the buying and processing of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Scrap Buying Facilities - Non Ferrous

OneSteel Recycling have an extensive non ferrous business with over 30 locations within Australia. This enables us to not only handle the smallest of scrap deliveries, but also multinational contracts.

Non Ferrous Trucks

OneSteel Recycling provide a fleet of trucks with the facility to weigh and pay on site.

Mobile Hydraulic Baler

Specifically designed mobile hydraulic balers to press in block form cars, white goods and roofing iron. It can be loaded and unloaded itself, as well as load the trucks with the finished bales. Once the trucks are loaded with the finished bales they are then transported to a OneSteel Recycling site for further processing.

Landfill Recycling

Through our specialised mobile hydraulic balers, mobile hydraulic excavators and bin service, OneSteel Recycling is committed to the ongoing minimization of landfill dumping by recycling unwanted scrap metal waste.

Car Compact Unit

Specifically designed mobile hydraulic compactors to press and flatten cars to approximately 250mm high. A prime mover transports this compactor from site to site. Also accompanying the compactor is a front-end loader, which is used to feed the compactor.

Bin Services

Bins are placed and serviced by self-loading trucks at industrial and other locations where the volume of scrap metal generated is enough to justify an economic service. These can be as varied as: metal fabricators, engineers, appliance manufacturers, sheet metal shops, work and transfer stations and site cleanups.

A variety of bins is offered:

Marrell bins - 4m3 to 9m3, by far the most popular due to sizing of the bin.

Dinosaur bins - 18m3 to 32m3, these bins are used for longer and bulkier scrap. Also known as hook lifts.

Hiab bins - 1m3 to 3m3, mainly used for smaller sites where larger bins do not fit.

Occupational Health & Safety

Workplace safety is a prime operational goal of OneSteel Recycling. The importance of workplace safety is evidenced by it being placed as the Number 1 agenda item on monthly Senior Manager Meetings.

The low rolling lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) of 1.6 is indicative of the commitment all OneSteel Recycling employees put into workplace safety. A documented safety management system (SMS) controls workplace safety. The SMS is based on AS/NZS 4801:2001 and AS/NZS 4804:2001. Regular safety auditing takes place to monitor the effectiveness of the SMS.

OneSteel Recycling safety aim is to be recognised as the industry benchmark in providing a safe and healthy workplace.

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