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This seminar series by Dr Linus Lin from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, will help educate engineers, building surveyors, architects and building contractors about the effects of fire on steel structures and how to ensure economical fire engineering solutions.

With structural steel becoming more widely used in Australia’s construction industry, it’s increasingly important to understand the basic principles of fire dynamics and how to employ effective solutions to maintain steel’s structural integrity during a fire.

This series of seminars by University of Canterbury’s Fire Engineering expert Dr Linus Lim will show how. The seminars will cover:

  • Basis and rationale under NCC to consider a ‘fire engineered solution’
  • Overview of technical tools used by fire engineers
  • Potential cost savings of fire engineered solutions
  • ‘Standard’ options to explore
  • ‘Rules of Thumb’ and guidance that can help stakeholders quickly ascertain likely solutions and savings
  • Case studies, particularly around Australian practice

The seminars are presented as part of the Australian Steel Institute’s calendar of industry activities and will be held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Full details of the seminars, including dates and costs, can be found here: