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Certification Sustainability

OneSteel can provide a range of certification that relates to the company's sustainability performance.

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Sustainability Report Sustainability

The latest Arrium Sustainability Report outlines the company's performance on sustainability topics that are material to Arrium's operations for FY2015, together with year-on-year data trends.

Note that a Sustainability Report was not published for 2016.   

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Design for Deconstruction Sustainability

Steel is the most recycled building material in the world by weight.

If we consider the hierarchy for waste management priority, it's evident that reducing the amount of steel or reusing existing steel is preferential to recycling.

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Environmental Product Declarations Sustainability

The sustainability credentials of OneSteel’s products just got better with the release of our Environmental Product Declarations.

OneSteel's EPDs are independently verified and help you maximise the sustainability of your project.

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Building Rating Tools Sustainability

The sustainability credentials of OneSteel’s products just got better.

There are the many ways OneSteel’s products and services can help you gain more points when using national building rating tools.

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Sustainable Design With Steel Sustainability

Steel products are playing a key role when it comes to sustainable design.

Sustainable practices have become essential to the future of Australia’s construction industry.

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Polymer Injection Technology Sustainability

OneSteel is shaking up the global construction industry and redefining steel as a green building material.

PIT prevents millions of old car tyres ending up in landfill while reducing the economic and environmental costs of steel manufacturing.