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Why is Compliance Important?

Through our Build with Standards campaign, OneSteel demonstrates our commitment to supplying a comprehensive range of steel products compliant to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Our goal is to improve compliance and increase confidence in structural steel quality in all end-use applications.

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Why Building with Steel is the Way of the Future

Architects, engineers and construction companies are weighing up the benefits of steel-framed solutions.

It’s lighter, faster to erect, competitively priced, sustainable and provides great flexibility for designers.

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OneSteel takes a firm approach to manufacturing quality steel products to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

OneSteel can produce test certificates as required for its entire range of steel products as evidence that its products are compliant with the Standards.

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Sustainability and Compliance

Polymer Injection Technology

OneSteel is shaking up the global construction industry and redefining steel as a green building material.

PIT prevents millions of old car tyres ending up in landfill while reducing the economic and environmental costs of steel manufacturing.

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Who we are

Our Businesses

OneSteel comprises a number of successful Australian steel businesses through an integrated supply chain, all of which place quality and customer service at a premium.

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Who we are


Nothing is more important to OneSteel than safety, it's one of our two Core Values.

We are committed to achieving world-class safety across our operations, our products and our people.

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What we offer

Hot Rolled Structurals

Hot Rolled Structural Steel is used by the Australian construction industry and supplied to both Australia and New Zealand.

Hot Rolled Structural Steel sections, beams, columns, channels and angles are supplied in structural grades for structural applications.

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What we offer

Reinforcing Steels

Among the premium-grade reinforcing steel products available from OneSteel is wire rod designed for reinforcing mesh and reinforcing bar for concrete tensioning. 

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Who we are

EzyCommerce® Login

EzyCommerce® is OneSteel’s suite of internet-based solutions to provide transactional information to our customers in a simple and efficient manner.